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› [ T ] Marketing and advertising to use a brand name that currently exists to market new and distinctive services and products:

a light folding bed with handles for carrying the sick or wounded. The injured man was carried towards the ambulance on the stretcher. draagbaar مَحْمَل، نَقّالَه носилка maca nosítka die Trage båre φορείοcamilla kanderaam برانكار paarit brancard, civièreאלונקה स्ट्रेचर nosiljka, naprava za rastezanje hordágy usungan sjúkrabörur barella たんか 들것 neštuvai nestuves usung brancardbårenosze ويرانونكي maca brancardă, targă носилки nosidlá nosila nosila bår เปลหาม sedye 擔架 ноші اسٹریچر جس پر مریضوں کو لے جایا جاتا ہے người kéo 担架

Stretching a muscle to the full extent of your capacity and holding it for 15 to thirty seconds is what's called a static stretch, and there's no harm in stretching this way as very long you don't stretch until finally it hurts.

if the engine is at entire stretch → cuando el motor está a la máxima potencia, cuando el motor rinde su potencia máxima

In a sense, our interactions with places are much like People which We've with Others: dialogical, stretched throughout time, and continuously in motion.

to get employing all just one's powers, Electricity and many others for the limit in carrying out something. satisfied alle krag بِكُل قُوَّتِه правя всичко по силите си dar o seu máximo dělat naplno die größten Anstrengungen unternehmen for fuld kraft στο μάξιμουμ της απόδοσης darlo todo viimse piirini ulatuma, viimseni kasutama كش دادن toimia äärirajoillaan donner son plein בִּתנוּפָה जी जान से potpuno rastegnut teljes erőbedobással mengerahkan tenaga leggja sig allan fram (dare il massimo) 全力で 전력을 기우려 dėti visas pastangas, stengtis iš paskutiniųjų pielikt visas pūles sepenuh tenaga alle krachten inspannen arbeide for fullt być na pełnych obrotach کش کول، کش ورکول dar o seu máximo a da totul работать на пределе robiť naplno dati vse od sebe koristiti sve svoje moći arbeta för fullt, anstränga sig until det yttersta ใช้อำนาจบาทใหญ่ alabildiğince, bütün gücüyle 傾注全力地 повністю загружений اپنی تمام قوت اور تواناءی استعمال کرنا hết mức khả năng 倾注全力地

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Beyond drugs, Dr. Robins enjoys participating in basketball, as he was a 4 calendar year student-athlete during his undergraduate experiments. Tyler is excited to share his expertise and fervour with readers of all types on this page. Opinions and inquiries are generally welcome.

nerve-racking stressing stressor stressy stretch stretch (your self) out stretch a/The purpose idiom stretch limousine stretch marks My Dictionary

Watch Extra... The Stretch Out Strap is actually magnificent--stretches my quads in ways in which are not possible to do exactly by executing the same old quad stretch wherein one stands on a person foot, bends a person leg, and grasps the bent leg's foot. Truly worth each and every penny and a lot more!

The Multi Stretch Strap is created to complete a number of stretches starting from inner rotation in the shoulder to prone knee flexion whilst maximizing co.

I also listen to dancers referring to the dancers inside the aggressive dance entire world who appear to be pushing the boundaries of overall flexibility. – In making the Stretch Ladder, I realized I could aid push adaptability excerices to new degrees. – Sarah Gobeille

› [ T ] If Careers or jobs stretch you, they cause you to discover new things which make use of your ability and encounter more than in advance of:

stretch - a sizable and get more info unbroken expanse or distance; "a stretch of freeway"; "a stretch of apparent h2o"

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